Improve the Look of Your Home in One Step

Developers, home improvement specialists, contractors and homebuyers all agree. Rock siding, stone and brick add something special to a home. Professionals can easily make faux panels look like they belong, and it can be surprisingly very affordable.

It’s true that natural stone and rock can turn an ordinary home and yard into an “old world” paradise, but it comes at an exorbitant price to both your bank account and the environment. It is expensive to bring the stone from far away locations to your home. The price could easily come to $30 per yard. The other concern is that we will deplete the world’s precious resources if we continue to take stone and rock from where they are naturally. Luckily, there is an alternative.

Faux Stone Panels

Faux stone panels can be made to be rock siding, brick or stone, and they look exactly like the rock, brick and stone that comes from nature. Your construction workers will use technologically advanced polyurethane to bring the look of natural stone, rock and brick to your home, and it is cost-effective too.

The installation does not add to the cost of your faux stone panels because a stonemason and skilled construction labor are not necessary. Very little preparation is required to install these panels, and complex machinery and tools are also not needed. You could even do it yourself if you are so inclined. The bottom line is that all that is really needed is time.

Faux rock, stone and brick is easy to install, but it is also easy to keep clean. The materials are water-proof, so you can easily wash them with your garden hose and water. You don’t have to worry that your stone panels will fade because they were colored with an advanced process that does not allow fading. It is also resistant to the weather.

The Durability of Faux Stone, Brick, and Rock

You can be assured that your faux panels will be durable. Traditional wood can begin to warp and crack as time goes by, but this will not happen with your new faux panels. They are also resistant to insect infestation and cannot be damaged by water, but we have taken things a step further anyway. We offer you a 25-year warranty on the color of your faux panels as extra protection.

Our stone and brick panels are a welcome addition whether you are building a new home, remodeling an older home or completing an upgrade in your front or back yard because stone and brick panels create a classic look that is both beautiful and permanent. To ensure that our stone panels are as much like the real thing as they can possibly be, we use molds that were cast from the stone, brick and rock that you find out in nature.

Your Options

You have several styles and colors to choose from, so there should be no problem finding the right look for your home or office building. Specifically, we have several shades of light colors and dark colors available.

One Last Thing…

Our faux panels add more than just beauty to a building; they can provide extra insulation. This causes your building to be even more energy efficient if the siding is attached to mobile home skirting or a masonry foundation.

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Home Improvements Made Easy

You must have seen one of these shows. They are all the rage. Professional DIYers visit the home of a normal family in Middle America to help them spruce up their living spaces. I just happened to see one of these shows last week on HGTV, of course, and the couple was successful in creating an entirely different vibe for their house by only adding faux stone column wraps. That’s easy enough, right? The problem is that these shows usually completely overhaul a room, but most homeowners can’t afford to do that.

If you just started remodeling your home, you know by now that the reality these shows are peddling is not the reality you are currently living. You do have a limited budget, and you don’t have access to the professionals who can help you at the drop of a hat. If the improvements you were planning on making are starting to strain your budget, there are many things you can do to keep the costs down without giving up on quality. The following suggestions will help you improve the exterior of your home and will do it without going over your budget.

Purchase a New Front Door

You decided to remodel your home because you wanted to increase the value of your property and make it look even more beautiful. You had the right idea because remodeling is the best way to make your home more valuable. Purchasing a new door is the most important thing you can do toward this end. Potential homebuyers will see your front door before they will see anything else, so the front door is what will give visitors their most important first impression. A newer door will also provide better insulation for your home, so your energy bills will be lower because of it.

If you can’t afford a new door, you can still transform your front entryway. All you will need is paint to add some vibrant colors to the doorway. It would also cost less to have a window with opaque glass added to your door.

Try Faux Stone

This is your chance to be creative. If you cannot do the improvements that you wanted to do, get creative, and try something else! For example, the best thing you can do to liven up the outside of your house is add faux stone. Natural stone exists for this purpose as well, but the faux alternative will fit into your budget better, and you don’t have to have expensive professionals install it for you.

Take Your Time

It usually takes a lot of time to complete home improvements, so you should really take your time. If you can attend a clearance sale, you will be able to purchase the quality supplies that you need at discounted prices. The stores in your area may have out-of-season sales that will help you keep your costs down, so make sure that you are looking into that option. Also, visit The Home Depot or Lowe’s. These stores put building materials up for sale at huge discounts.

The suggestions in this article were meant to help you stay on budget. You must also be prepared to search for the best options. Due diligence and a little resourcefulness can ensure that your home is transformed into your dream home.

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