Brand Mentions – Link Building without Links

Google has been and still using links as major ranking factor for the websites. In fact, links are considered as votes which different high authority cast in favor of other websites by linking to them. This very process has been the core of Google PageRank. This process was then used by SEOs, especially the ones practicing black hat methods, to achieve higher rank for the websites. This link building has been effective but it didn’t provide quality. Hence, Google reacted by bringing in the Penguin update and manual actions.

In response, people started using making no-follow links in order to dodge search engines. For those who do not know what no-follow link building is, it is the method of placing a link while expressing a non-endorsing stance about the website. Still, the high volume of traffic on the web page leads people click the link, bringing that linked website in the spotlight.

This way of promoting pages has been there for quite some time. Now, it doesn’t make sense to most of the people because you cannot just declare a website trustable only because it has its link present in lots of other websites.

Having that said, it is worth mentioning that Google may be working towards declaring brand mentions as the primary way of promoting website. Brand mentions do not contain links. It is rather based on quote about the websites.

What are means for AmazoN SEO?

With brand mentions, you will have one more thing to track and optimize. With brand mentions around, it doesn’t mean that all other ranking factors will not be considered. Everything will be contributing and you will also have to make sure that your brand mentions are sufficient in terms of quality and quantity. That being said, you will need to work on a couple of things in order to cope with the changes which are about to happen in the search engine domain.

  • You might have worked with a backlink checker tool. Now, people will have to consider using tools to monitors their brand mentions on the web. One of the good ones is Awario which is good at digging in the web to find out brand mentions about specific websites.

  • Then, of course, you will have to work on growing your brand mentions. There are certain platforms which you can use in order to mention your brand in positive way. One thing worth mentioning here is that there is going to be no new platform which you can specifically use for brand mentions. The same old platforms where people discuss things can also host brand mentions. Some of those platforms include product or service reviews, social media websites, Competitor monitoring, influencer marketing platforms, and Social customer care portions of the websites.

Again, links are not obsolete; perhaps they are not going to be in the future as well. But brand mentions are not here to eliminate the monopoly of links.