Boston Chipotle Reopens after Getting 136 People Sick

Boston Chipotle Reopens

The Cleveland Circle Chipotle Mexican Grill that had recently gotten 136 people sick has been allowed to reopen over the holiday weekend, three weeks after the Boston health officials forced the store to close.

The officials gave Chipotle to open once again and serve food on December 23rd, but water leak did further delay the restaurant’s reopening. The main issue for the delay was the water leak, but it did leave a lingering feeling in many student’s eyes, especially with what had happened beforehand.

Earlier this month, there had been reports of dozens of students suddenly getting sick after eating at the restaurant. Many reported that it was norovirus, and it did lead to the restaurant. The city officials did find several health code violations, including meat not being cooked or heated enough before served. It also did demand and agree to the idea that an employee who was sick could return and report to work. However, all of the employees since then had been tested and are now free of the virus that had caused many to get sick. Over the past week, there had been people coming to the reopened restaurant, and a doctor did say that the new bill of health that is going to be issued to city officials did make him feel comfortable with eating at the restaurant, even though there was the risk of getting sick.

Boston Chipotle Reopens

Recently, there has been a link with a recent outbreak with Chipotle as well, with a sickness being reported with many other restaurants. Right now, this could be linked to the outbreak of E. coli that had recently sickened 52 people over nine states. However, with recent discussions, they found that this one was unrelated, and more caused by the poor hygiene of the resultant and the employees rather than anything else.

Boston Chipotle

So far, there hasn’t been any new reports of people getting sick, which in turn had caused people to want to go back to the resultant and try again. The stocks and shares of Chipotle did plummet, and this was reportedly contributing to that, but of course with the E. coli outbreak that had happened in the past couple of months, the shares had dropped to an all-time low because of that as well. As the restaurant tries to combat and recover from this onslaught of problems, there are reports of them making sure that their food is okay, and that things are safe. It’s also been linked to the farms where they get their ingredients as well, because the main slogan of chipotle is the freshness of their local, organic meat and produce. The only thing that can be seen right now is that chipotle is still trying to recover from the devastating blow that not only this had, but the outbreak as well, and the only thing that can tell whether or not that they will recover, is that element called time, because there is a lot that needs to change, but the restaurant chain will have to do so themselves.