Features Your New Food Processor Must Have


If you want to process your food in several ways using minimum equipment, the best option is to get a food processor. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that your newly purchased food processor would have following features.

  • A stand mixer is an ideal appliance for preparing dough but you can get this job done satisfactorily with the help of a good quality food processor. Some food processors even have the kneading blade which can turn a processor into a dough maker.
  • Grinding the meat can be a difficult job if your mince maker is not of good quality. Therefore, ensure that your food processor is capable of providing you the finely ground meat. Here’s a quick tip for grinding meat with the help of food processor. Cut the meat into small pieces and freeze them partially before putting them in food processor.


  • Mixers are commonly used for whipping the cream but the food processors available now days are turning out to be the even better cream whipping equipment. Good thing is that the cream whipped by these processors last longer as compared to the cream whipped by mixers. It makes food processor an even more considerable option when it comes to whipping the cream.
  • Making crumps from stale bread can be messy as you might not be able to get desired outcome. Putting bread in food processor directly might cause overheating of processor’s motor due to extra effort; and grinding the bread in grinder can make the powder of it. The easier and ideal way to make better bread crumps is to use a grater attachment with the food processor. This attachment will ensure convenience in preparation of fine bread crumps.


  • Make sure that your food processor has bottle cleaning kits in the food processor’s pack. Even though hand washing or use of dish washer might do a good job with cleaning the food processor, but you would feel the necessity of having cleaning kit if you are being unable to extend the cleaning hand to the bottom of bottles and blenders. The long and thin ends of cleaners would scratch the tiniest bits of food remnants from blender’s bottom under the blades.


Extended usability, reliability and ease of use have to be ensured when buying a new food processor. For that purpose, consider the following points.

  • Make sure that your food processor has a powerful mechanical system inside it. This is to ensure that your food processor would run for a long time without losing its performance.
  • If you are willing to use the processor for processing liquid ingredients, make sure that it has reasonable capacity.


  • Some of the food processors do not run until the bowl forms a lock with the base and top lid gets locked with the bowl’s top. That’s the ideal safety a food processor can provide.
  • Although you might want your food processor to be multifunctional, you certainly wouldn’t want it to be hard to operate. For that purpose, buy a food processor with simple controls.

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