How to Save Cost on Event Catering?


Event catering can be the most expensive part of event management unless you plan it rightly. The main purpose is to arrange a catering that will not make the guests searching for snacks after the food.

Here are some tips to help you in arranging the cost effective yet impressive catering for the events.

  • If you really want to reduce the cost while keeping your guests happy, you can shorten the duration of event. Moreover, you can also arrange the food stations rather than seated meals. It would not only help you in reducing the event’s time but also in making compact arrangements, which are definitely the cost saver.


  • You can cut down the staffing fees by allowing different restaurants and food preparing centers in the area to serve their food items. The main benefit for you in this scenario is that you will not have to worry about the staffing service as food providers will do the job for the sake of their business promotion.
  • While arranging a small event, you might not need to hire the serving persons at all. Hence, you can call the catering service to prepare the foods but you can tell them that you are not going to require the serving staff. It will certainly save you a big chunk of money. But you should check all All Catering Menu Prices carefully though.


  • It can cost you a whole lot of money if you are renting separate glassware for every kind of drink. Rather, all-purpose glass can serve you well in this concern. An all-purpose glass can be refilled with separate kind of beverage and your guest will not need to ask for the new glass. Moreover, it will make your task of bar management more convenient.


  • Unless you are willing to save the cost by reducing the time of event, shifting catering arrangement from seated meals to buffets or food stations might not serve the purpose in a substantial way. Nevertheless, you can control the food stations by arranging different food items at different places. This way, a number of guests interested in a particular type of food will head to the food station where they would find their desired food item. This way, you can control the food serving without the hassle being created.
  • Trends are changing and people are now more inclined to pick the variety of different vegetables, curries and stews rather than the cuts of meat. With the right serving method, you can replace the meat steak with the variety of cost effective and lighter food options.

  • Coffee is the item that most of the people so not demand for but it costs a lot of money because many caterers provide it at the end of the meal. This is the corner you can cut without having anyone noticing.
  • It is worth remembering that more effort in transferring loads between kitchen and the event will certainly cost more. Thus, you can try to find the event venue with a kitchen attached to it.

Catering is the most important part of any event and you surely can’t afford to let it go wrong. With the help of above mentioned tips, you can not only make your catering arrangement a success but you can also save money.