International Restaurants in CA (California)


There is no shortage of international restaurants in CA.  I’m not sure if there is a shortage of anything there (except for perhaps water), but if there is it isn’t international restaurants.  I’m going to single out San Diego for a moment.  Have you ever been to the Gaslamp?  The Gaslamp is probably San Diego’s party town, but it is also the home of many amazing eateries.

There is just about every kind of place you could want to eat at.  You could start with some sushi and take it from there to anywhere: burger joints, authentic Mexican, elegant French, robust Italian, flavorful Asian…  The place is unstoppable when it comes to food (and probably alcohol, which is neither here nor there).

International Restaurants in CA (California)

San Diego isn’t the only city with international restaurants in CA.  All up and down the state you will find a vast variety of food from many different cultures.  This is probably one of my favorite things about living in America: the food.  In this amazing country we have access to dishes from all over the world.  It’s just phenomenal that people groups from every corner of the earth come to this one country, and not only do we get to experience the benefits of being around other types of people, we usually get to do it while eating what they would eat back home.  It’s definitely a win/win situation.

The times that I have travelled overseas there was usually only two kinds of food available: the local food, and fast food.  I think I’ve had Kentucky Fried Chicken everywhere from the Caribbean, to Spain, to Germany.  Otherwise, when you are in Spain you eat what the Spaniards eat (and that’s it).  When you are in France you eat what the French eat (which isn’t supposed to sound like a complaint, because it’s not).  When you come to America, you get to have it all, any time, or just a drive away.

The fact that this country is a melting pot of cultures and people is why there are so many international restaurants in CA, and I’m so glad.